I. Changes in
II. Changes in lifestyles 1 Clause and sentence structure  
2 The noun group    
3 The verb group
4 Count nouns
5 Singular, plural, and collective
6 Uncount nouns     Identifying text types and purpose
Quotes describing people’s memories
An article about an unusual lifestyle Sentences describing changes
Gap-fill description of a picture A monologue on how an area has changed
Short conversations
A description of a picture Giving opinions and reasons
Role play: meeting new people
A description of a picture
I. Television viewing
II. A visit to a film
III. Landscapes 7 Personal pronouns
8 This, that, these, those, one,
9 Reflexive pronouns
10 Indefinite pronouns An article about television viewing habits
A text from a brochure
A literary extract A description of a scene
Making comparisons Sound sequences
A conversation about a ride at a film studio Agreeing and disagreeing in conversation
Description of sensations    

I. National borders
II. Air travel
III. Customs
IV. Holiday postcards 11 Determiners  
12 Main uses of ‘the’  
13 Other uses of ‘the’  
14 ‘A’ and ‘an’    
15 All, most, no, none  
16 Both, either, neither  
17 Much, little, many, few, more,
      less, fewer
18 Some, any, another, other,
      each, every An article about borders
Holiday postcards A postcard Brief monologues describing location
Air travel
Conversations at customs
  Describing location
Discussion: airport security
Role play: at customs    

I. Crime
II. Women police
III. Legendary heroes 19 Position of adjectives
20 Order of adjectives
21 Adjectives with prepositions
22 Adjectives with ‘to’-infinitive
      or ‘that’-clause    
23 Adjectives ending in ‘-ing’ or
24 Comparatives and
      superlatives: forms
25 Comparatives and
      superlatives: uses
26 Other ways of comparing
  A report of a crime
An introductory text about a famous person A report of a crime Accounts of crimes
A monologue by a woman police officer
A narrative about an incident on patrol
A story Describing a crime
A short talk
I. Shopping and supermarkets
II. Cars
III. Advertising and sales 27 Possession
28 Nouns with prepositions
29 Nouns with ‘-ing’, ‘-ed’, or
      ‘to’-infinitive clauses
30 Other ways of adding to a
      noun group   An article about supermarket sales techniques
Letters, a memo, an invoice, an order form A description of a process
Form completion Extracts from an interview with a car manufacturer Describing a process
Role play: selling a computer
Discussion: sending a gift    

I. Health and fitness
II. Medical treatment
III. Fear 31 Adverbials
32 Adverbials of manner
33 Adverbials of time
34 Adverbials of frequency and
35 Adverbials of duration-
      already, still, yet
36 Adverbials of degree An article about small children and fitness
A literary extract My sports club A medical consultation
A monologue by a dentist Role play: persuading someone to stop smoking
Role play: calming and advising someone    

I. Places to stay
II. Hotel facilities
III. Experiences abroad 37 Prepositions of place and
38 Prepositions of place-at, in, on
39 Prepositions with forms of
40 Auxiliary verbs-be, have An article about an unusual hotel
A literary extract A polite letter Interviews about a ranch hotel
Dialogue at a hotel reception
Camping Discussion: a holiday at a ranch hotel
Role play: situations at a hotel  

I. Jobs
II. Qualifications
III. School subjects
IV. Arts and crafts
V. Personal information   41 The present tenses
42 The past tenses
43 The continuous tenses
44 The perfect tenses
45 Talking about the present
46 Talking about the past  
47 Reporting the past
48 Talking about the future using
      ‘will’ and ‘going to’  
49 Talking about the future using
      present tenses   Different jobs
An article about a change of career
Job advertisements A brief biography
Cover letter An interview with an art student
A job interview Job interviews    


I. People’s appearances
II. Models and model agencies
III. Ideas of beauty 50 Questions
51 ‘Wh’-words    
52 Question tags: forms        
53 Question tags: uses  
54 Indirect and reported
55 Short answers
56 The imperative and ‘let’
57 Negative sentences with ‘not’
58 Negative words       An article about a model agency
  A short report about people’s views on changing their appearance
Descriptions of people A discussion about changing your appearance
A monologue about running a model agency
  Discussion: changing one’s appearance    


I. Puppets
II. Theatre
III. Circuses
IV. Animal performers 59 Introduction to modals
60 Modals-negatives and
61 Can, could, may, might-
62 Cannot, can’t, must, ought,
      should, will- probability and
63 Can, could, be able to-ability
64 Can, could, may-permission
65 Can, could, will, would-
      instructions and requests
66 Could, may, might, shall-
67 Can, could, shall, will, would-
      offers and invitations     A text about puppets
A literary extract
An article about circus animals
A letter to a newspaper A letter to a newspaper giving an opinion An interview with the manager of a theatre
Monologues giving strong opinions
  Role play: booking tickets for a play
Discussion: performing animals    

I. Energy sources
II. Life in the future
III. Life in a closed ecosystem
IV. Genetic engineering 68 Would like, would rather,
      wouldn’t mind - wants and
69 Have to, have got to, must,
      mustn’t – obligation and
70 Need to, needn’t, not have to-
      obligation and necessity
71 Should, ought, should have,
      ought have, had better-mild
      obligation and advice A literary extract
An article about a biosphere
  Sentences justifying a decision
A paragraph expressing an opinion An interview about generating electricity
Brief comments about the future
A radio news item
A conversation about genetic engineering   Negotiating a shortlist
Discussion: freedom and technology in the future    

I. Newspapers
II. Objectivity and bias in newspapers
III. Reading habits
IV. Perspectives on events 72 Intransitive and transitive
73 Verbs with two objects
74 Reflexive verbs
75 Reciprocal verbs
76 Ergative verbs
77 Common verbs with nouns for
78 Verbs with prepositions
  Newspaper extracts
Comments for a survey
A narrative A report about reading habits
A perspective on events
A newspaper report
  A monologue about producing a newspaper
Short interviews about newspapers Discussion: newspapers
An interview about reading habits
Interpreting events

I. Exhibitions and museums
II. Art
III. Children and childhood 79 Phrasal verbs    
80 Link verbs
81 Verbs with ‘-ing’ clauses
82 Verbs with ‘to’-infinitive
83 Verbs with ‘to’-infinitive or’-
      ing’ clauses An article about an unusual exhibit
An extract from a brochure
A poem Describing an experience Two short talks by museum staff
A description of a photograph   A short talk about a museum
Role play: finding your way around a museum
Discussion: children
Describing and responding to a photograph    

I. Couriers
II. Emergency services
III. Home computers
  84 Verbs with other types of
85 The passive voice
86 ‘It’ as impersonal subject
87 ‘There’ as impersonal subject
88 Report structures:’that’-
89 Other report structures
  An article about being a courier
An advertisement
An article about the use of home computers
A report of a survey A report of a survey A conversation about a delivery service
An interview with an emergency service operator
Phone calls
A conversation about an accident Reporting an experience
Role play: phone calls
A report of a conversation
A survey of home computer use    

I. Preparations for travel
II. Working holidays/Holidays
III. Persuasion
IV. Travel brochures 90 Time clauses
91 Conditional clauses using ‘if’
92 Conditional clauses using
      modals and ‘unless’
93 Purpose and reason clauses
94 Result clauses
95 Contrast clauses
96 Manner clauses
97 Defining relative clauses
98 Non-defining relative clauses
99 Changing the focus of a
100 Cohesion: making connections in speech and writing An article about working holidays
Persuasive and neutral texts From completion
A persuasive description A monologue by a travel agent
A conversation at a travel agent’s
  Discussion: advice for foreign students working in your area
Discussion: holidays destinations
Role play: checking information about a holiday  


Ability Indefinite pronouns Quantifiers    
Adjectives Interrogative pronouns Question tags    
Adverbs Invitations Reason    
Advice Irregular verbs Recommending    
Alphabet Nouns Reflexive pronouns    
Another/Other/Others Numbers Refusing    
Articles Obligation Relative clauses    
Be Opinion Relative pronouns    
Comparatives Passive Reported speech    
Conditionals Past continuous Reporting verbs    
Conjunctions I Past perfect Result    
Conjunctions II Past simple Sentence transformations    
Dates Permission Some/Any    
Deductions Personal pronouns Still, yet and already    
Demonstratives Phrasal verbs Suggesting    
Distributives Possession Thanking    
Do and Make Prepositions There is/are    
For, since, during, ago Present continuous Time    
Future Present perfect Used to/would    
Greetings Present simple Want, need    
Have/Have got Purpose Wishes and regrets  

UNIT 1. Effective Communication
UNIT 2. General Business
UNIT 3. Human Resources
UNIT 4. Information Technology
UNIT 5. Introduction to Law
UNIT 6. Marketing and Sales
UNIT 7. Public Sector
UNIT 8. Secretarial Skills
UNIT 9. Travel and Tourism
UNIT 10. Vocational Skills
UNIT 11. Work Experience
UNIT 12. Writing CV, interviews
UNIT 13. The European Union
UNIT 14. Computer Science
UNIT 15. Internet